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Energized Precious Gemstones

Gemstones are worn to ward off the negative influences of planets as their vibrations corresponds to unique planets. Astrology finds out the suitable gems/stones for a person through astrological calculations that ensure overall growth and well being. Accurate stones along with their correct weight and wearing method are mandatory to arouse the desired qualities of a person that ensure success. This accuracy depends largely on the astrologer's sharp observation and experience.

This is the easiest way to overcome from the challenge; to wear suitable gemstone if you can afford some expanses because sometimes these gemstones are bit costly.

You have visited at the right place where we will suggest you about:

  • Most suitable gemstone
  • Its substitute if any,
  • Working of particular gem or stone
  • The phenomenon to wear it
  • How to judge whether it is working or not
  • How long will it favor Combination gemstone if any



Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is the gemstone of Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati) in astrology. The low iron content in Corundum is responsible for Yellow Sapphires color, sometimes also known as Golden Sapphire if it's intensely colored. The name Corundum is derived from the Sanskrit word "korund" and applied to opaque massive gems, generally of a dull color.

Emerald (Panna)
An important gem amongst the big three of the colored gems is Emerald, also known as Panna, the other being Ruby (Manik) and Sapphire (Neelam). Panna is a very attractive gem and is the gemstone of planet Mercury (Buddha).
Blue Sapphire (Neelam)
Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is the strongest gemstone which shows instant impact which includes a rise in wealth, solution for troubles, an increase in confidence. Neelam is the gemstone of Saturn (Shani Grah).
The Red Coral is also known as Moonga, is the Gemstone of planet Mars known as Mangal Grah, which is the source of energy and spirit. The Moonga is worn to strengthen the position of Mars in your Horoscope / Kundali.  The characteristic of precious corals is their durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is used for making jewelry.
Diamond (Heera)
Diamond (Heera) is the stone of planet Venus. by Hindu Shastras, so is known as Venus is the most shining and beautiful planet in the solar system. A native-born with the sign Taurus and Libra should always wear a Diamond (Heera).
Cat'e Eye (Lehsunia)
Cat's Eye is a fascinating gem and its powers & properties have always been an interesting topic. In Vedic Astrology it is also known as Lehsuniya and is the gemstone of Planet Ketu, the gemstone attributes intense planetary energies and shows instant results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gemstone should I wear?

Gemstones should always be worn according to auspicious grah (Planet) as per your kundali (birth- chart). It is believed that the planetary alignment at the time of birth, affects our entire life and all aspects of it. So it is important that we wear only those gemstones which suit us.

Will I get the correct gemstone advice from AstroSolution?

Yes, you will definitely get the correct information from us. We believe in giving 100% satisfaction to our customers, so if you have any further doubts, please fill the contact us form, or Call Pundit ji.

Which Gem or Stone should I wear for my Wealth Problems?

There are some definite gemstones that favor some specific star which enhance the power of that particular star only.

None of the gemstone should be worn without the consultation of knowledgeable astrologer, because they can cast even the negative impact as well. One thing more, there is a definite life span of any gemstone, it is recommended to wear it for a certain time period after that its utility is over and if it has been worn then it may harm you.


To know more or find out which Gemstone will work for you and your problem, Please fill out this form or Call us.



Gemstone Consultancy
Phone Consultancy

Gems bear enormous power, they can do anything, if they can make you king then they can make a king beggar overnight, hence gems are borne only after the guidance of experienced and qualified astrologer. The gemstones show different results which depends from person to person.


For any specific challenge you must consult the experts fortunately, you have visited at the right place where we are capable enough to resolve any challenge through suitable gemstone in a very short span of time. Hence; we ensure you hundred percent prediction accuracy.


Gemstone report includes:

  • Which gem is the most suitable for you?
  • How long will it take to show the results?
  • What is the process of wearing it and precautions if any?
  • What is your Zodiac Sing gemstone?
  • Powerful gemstones are not worn always.
  • Till how long you will have to carry it?


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We offer this service to our clients who want the remedy of their problem in real time; through this service you will speak directly with our astrologers who are capable enough to resolve your query faster and with unbelievable accuracy.


This feature has additional benefits like you can ask about the intermediate questions along with the prior question, and it is but natural that the questions would be. Astrologers come to know most of the things about seeker from the question only rest become clear once seeker provides the basic information.


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